Seizure Vs Fit

I just wanted to make a comment about the word ‘seizure’.

Sam’s pediatrician and neurologist say ‘seizure’.

When my husband and I talk about what Samuel has been up to we mostly use the word ‘fit’. When we discuss Sam’s condition with friends and family we use the word ‘fit’. And most of the nurses and doctors during our recent hospital stay say ‘fit’. This seems to be the word that people find easier to digest and understand and actually my mum said she finds it easier to think of her precious Grandson as having a fit rather than a seizure. Daft I know.

However, speaking to an adult who has epilepsy they said they hated the word ‘fit’ and much preferred it if people said ‘seizure’. And I guess, because of that I feel inclined when talking about it on twitter and on here to say seizure.

I’m not sure really what is right and what is wrong, but to us both words mean exactly the same it is just the habit we’ve got into.

Edit: Just popped back to add that when Sam was in NICU they would refer to him having a seizure as an ‘episode’. We’d come into the unit in the morning to be greeted by a nurse saying, ‘Hi Mum and Dad. Unfortunately Samuel had an ‘episode’ this morning’.

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