Merry Christmas!

We have been really looking forward to Christmas as this is our first with Samuel home.

Last Christmas was wonderful in its own special way – we had our boy, even though he was in hospital, we were finally a mum and dad and we spent the whole day with him. One of the nurses (who I really must write about because she has become our guardian angel) had dressed Sam in a Christmas pudding outfit and he looked so cute.

Samuel's first ChristmasSamuel the Christmas puddingWe spent the whole day cuddling him, telling him how much we loved him and making promises that we will always do whatever we can for him, we will always fight for him.

Last Christmas we didn’t know whether we would get him home at all, so the idea of having him home here with us for Christmas is really something.

When we go to church this evening I will light a candle for Samuel, but I will also light a candle for all the neonatal babies that will be spending their first Christmas in hospital. I do remember how hard it was.

As he’s gastrostomy fed he wont be joining in on the Christmas feast nor will he take any  notice of the presents we’ve all bought him. But I know he’ll love it that he will have a day of cuddles with his Grannie and Grandad and he’ll be adored even more than usual (and that’s saying something). The cuddle marathon will continue on Boxing Day when we go over to his Grandma and Grandad’s who always have a battle between them over whose turn is next to cuddle Samuel!

Samuel is the greatest Christmas present we could ever have wished for. Yes it would be nice if Father Christmas would be able to bring a corpus callosum(Samuel’s brain is missing his) with him, but to be honest we love Samuel just the way he is and wouldn’t swap him for the world.

Merry Christmas to you all. x


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