One thought on “Morning medicines

  1. Wow. The similarities are uncanny! Liam takes two of the same medicines and we’ve never met anyone else on vigabatrin. The nurses and doctors at the hospital haven’t even heard of it as it’s only very recently been approved for use in this country. It has worked wonders with Liam’s infantile spasms and we haven’t seen any of the dreaded retinal damage that can be a long term use side effect. It’s taking a long long wean but Liam is coming off of the vigabatrin and topiramate is a new one for Liam.

    Liam is also g-tube fed just like Sam. It’s a shame there’s an ocean between these two boys, they should meet to hang out someday.

    I saw on twitter yesterday that you had a question about g-tube buttons. Feel free to DM or email me or Karin if you need any advice. All of Liam’s nutrition has been through his g-tube and we’ve dealt with all the little challenges that come with it.

  2. Thanks Eric. I know when Sam started Topiramate while in hospital, neither the nurses or doctors had heard of it, or used it before – it was obvious by the fact that they would stumble over pronouncing it. We have Topiramate to thank for getting Sam hope to be honest.

    I really wish that we weren’t so far away from each other – I’d love Samuel to be able to hang out with his pal Liam. Maybe we could get the boys on Skype sometime!

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