When a cough is more than just a cough..

Damn it. Samuel has a bad cough. I thought, well hoped he just had a snotty, sneezy cold that would pass. But no, it’s turned into a bad, phlegmy sounding cough and got worse over the last couple of hours.

Problem with this is that Samuel isn’t mobile and is at a much greater risk of getting a serious chest infection, so here I am having to do chest physio will watching the little man cough and cough. We’ve been warned that a chest infection for Sam, could be more serious than I dare to type. But I probably should say that when we were given his prognosis (which I’d like to remind you all, Samuel has outlived) we  were warned that a series of chest infections could be how he deteriorates…

I just want him to cough it up and spit it out but he seems to swallow it all back down which can’t be good and probably is what is making him cough so much.

I’m sure he’ll be fine, he always is I’m proud to say, but for us, well for him a cough and cold is never just a cough and cold.


2 thoughts on “When a cough is more than just a cough..

  1. God I can relate to this so much! Chest physio at 4 in the morning sometimes. And if he needs extra AEDs to cope with the extra seizures that the coughs and colds brings then it’s out with the suction machine as he’s too sedated to cough! Who knew it could be this complicated eh?

    • I know! We are lucky in that we have never had to do suction with Sam, I wouldn’t know what to do with a suction machine (keeping picturing a mini vaccum cleaner which is probably very inappropriate – sorry!).


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