I get by with a little help from my (cyber) friends

I’ve been quite surprised by how helpful and supportive I’ve found twitter and reading other people’s blogs. We’ve been plodding along in our little bubble just the three of us, only occassionally letting people in. We do have very supportive and kind friends and family, but we are so aware that they don’t really get it, as much as they really do try, they really don’t get what it is like to be in our world.

But I don’t think badly of them. Before I had Samuel I had no experience of this special world, or indeed if I had been a mother to what the world calls a ‘normal’ child then I wouldn’t truly understand what people in our shoes are going through, what they are experiencing, I mean how can you?

But I have made friends who are in our world. They really do understand what it is like in our funny little world and our thoughts and fears.

I probably shouldn’t single people out, but I really want you to know about them and to read their blogs and to find out about their story.

The first is the family of Liam the Lion. A couragous boy who has proven to be a brave little soldier in his three years. I can’t remember how I came across his dad’s blog Pressure Support, but I am so glad I did. Liam’s parents have really inspired me, have shown me that the world is still bright, the sun still shines and there is so much to enjoy regardless of what my boy can do. Regardless of his condition. I read Liam’s dad’s blog posts and I can feel so much love, so much love and pride for his boy. Liam’s dad also writes beautifully. Liam also wears really cool t-shirts.

My other new friend is H’s mum Little Mama said. She is me. She is still finding her way, trying to figure out what on earth this funny world is about. She worries about the same things as me. She’s suddenly found herself doing this job she never expected to be doing. But boy, she’s superb. What she does for both her boys, all her love, all the bloody hard work she puts in, I so admire her.

I hope that I can help people through twitter and through this blog to realise that actually our funny little world is much bigger than many people realise. And there is no reason to ever feel alone.

5 thoughts on “I get by with a little help from my (cyber) friends

  1. Oh bless you Zoe (that sounded like you’d sneezed or something but you know what I mean). That is so sweet of you. I appreciate the ‘big-up!’ It is so nice to meet people, virtually or otherwise, who understand what we are going through, makes us feel less alone and isolated. Am enjoying reading your blog too and recognising so many of the same emotions. Not sure how I would have coped these last few months without the support and understanding of my online friends.

    On your recommendation, I have bookmarked Pressure Support and look forward to reading all about Liam.

    Thanks again Zoe.

  2. Thank You so much for the kind words! I hardly know what to say but that. We can each only really tell our own stories but in the telling of those stories we can help each other feel a little less alone in all of this. Thank you for telling Sam’s story.

    What an amazing time we live in where through blogs and twitter and email my little man Liam can have such a good friend in Sam on the other side of an ocean.

    Now could you do me a favor and stop posting so often! You make a lazy blogger like me feel guilty.

    Thanks again.

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