Crafting for charity

I am very keen to do something to raise a little bit of money for the hospice that will be helping us. But I’m not going to be doing anything like throwing myself out of a plane, running the marathon or shaving my hair off (although I think people are great and very brave for doing these things), so decided on a much safer option.

As I like doing crafty things, I’m going to make little things that can be sold in the hospice charity shop. Just little things like padded hearts, bunting, decorative clay hearts, lavender stuffed chicks – just pretty decorative things that hopefully people might like to buy.

I told my mum about what I wanted to do and she kindly went and got me these ribbons, which I think are really sweet!

If you have any ideas of simple things I could make, or indeed have any spare unwanted material, dried lavender or ribbon that you would be happy to pass on to me, then please get in touch. Also, if you are a crafty type yourself and would like to contribute some of your lovely things to be sold in the charity shops then I would love to hear from you.

The hospice has a few shops around the county so it would be nice if I could get a few things in each shop.

4 thoughts on “Crafting for charity

  1. Loving the ribbon Zoe. What great idea. Am useless at anything remotely crafty so no ideas. But good luck and I look forward to the photos.

  2. What a wonderful idea. Have you visited some arts and crafts blogs for inspiration? I look forward to seeing some photos of the items you make and hope they raise money for the hospice x

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