Hopes and wishes for 2012

We started this year with the first anniversary of getting the boy home from hopsital and it makes me really hopeful for this year. We don’t really know what this year will hold, but I just hope that we can achieve a few little things to make it extra special.

This is my list of things so far, in no particular order:

  • Samuel’s seizures improve!
  • Sam doesn’t catch many (or any if that is possible) bugs and has a very healthy year.
  • Sam makes some progress development wise. My real dream would be that this year Sam starts to make eye contact and smiles. The only time we get to see him smile is when he has a seizure (and it would be a cracking smile if it wasn’t for the circumstances), so to have him look into our eyes and smile would be amazing.
  • We become part of the hospice community and I meet other parents in our world. I think having the hospice involved in our lives will be fantastic, not only for Samuel but for us too. I really can’t wait.
  • Samuel starts the ketogenic diet and we can see a positive difference.
  • Samuel finally gets some teeth! We’ve had teething but no actual teeth have come through yet.
  • I get to see much more of my sister and nieces. They live about two hours away and I just don’t seem to see them very much, but I do really miss them.
  • Sam’s dad has a good year at work and gets the recognition he deserves.
  • Sam gets some strength in his neck and is able to support his own head.
  • I master Skype so I can chat with my faraway friends.
  • My blog grows and helps people who find themselves in our world.
  • Sam starts hydrotherapy and seems to like it/benefit from it.
  • We continue to strengthen our friendship with our NICU parent-friends.
  • We transform the garden to make it a nice sensory area for Samuel and for it to be more Sam-friendly.
  • I get to meet some of my lovely blogging and twitter friends.
  • We finally start our veg patch and it is a success.
  • My sewing skills improve.
  • I learn to knit.
  • I do much more cooking and baking.
  • The crafty things I make for the hospice shop sell well and make them some money.
  • Sam’s Grandparents finally get the confidence to look after Samuel on their own, or at the very least start helping by doing things like his nappies etc!
  • We celebrate Sam’s second birthday and Christmas 2012 at home.
  • We win the lottery so Samuel’s dad doesn’t have to go to work and can  spend ALL day, EVERY day with his boy.

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