Happy Friday

I am in such an annoyingly good mood today. Feel very chipper indeed. Why you ask?

Well (in no particular order):

It’s Friday and I do love the weekends. Weekends mean that I get to spend quality time with my husband and Sam. I get to share the Sam jobs. I also get to share the cute stuff too.

Sam in car seatMr Calmington
Sam had an absolutely excellent night last night, which means by default that I had a fantastic night sleep.

Sam has been absolutely fantastic so far today. Really calm and settled and lots of quality awake time.

We have no appointments or commitments tomorrow which means we can all have a lazy morning in bed together.

Although chilly it’s a dry day today and everything seems much better when it’s dry and we can look forward to an afternoon walk.

Sam has barely coughed at all so far today which hopefully means the evil cough has finally gone.

Spring has almost sprung

The bulbs are really coming up in the garden which means spring is definitely on its way.

I’m seeing one of my fantastic NICU mum friends on Monday and I’m really looking to seeing her and her gorgeous little chimps for cuddles, coffee and calories.

Birds have been checking out the funky bird house this morning that I nagged husband to buy, so hopefully we may have some lodgers soon.

Hoping to get some lodgers soon

We have lots of chocolate in the house and ingredients to make yummy chocolate muffins.

I wish I could bottle simple days like these where everything just feels good in the world.

I sincerely hope you all have a very happy Friday. x

Friday treat: yummy chocolate chip muffins


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