Meet the gang

Samuel likes to hang out with some special friends at home.

Edgar and Max hang out with Sam in his nest downstairs. Edgar was given to him by his Auntie T and Max was given to Sam by Auntie C when he was in hospital having his gastrostomy to keep him company.

Grannie Bear was knitted for Sam by, well yes you’ve guessed it, his Grannie and she looked after him when he was in his cot in NICU. Grannie Bear stays up in his cot (also known as The Cottage) and looks after it for when he comes up at bedtime.

Sam and The Gang.The coolest gang around.

Sam with Edgar and Max

Sam with his boys: Edgar (the elephant) and Max (the dog)

Sam with Grannie Bear (in NICU)

5 thoughts on “Meet the gang

  1. Hi there! I popped over to take a peek at your blog as promised on Twitter and just HAD to comment on your photos – Sam is a cutie!

    It’s funny the toys they can get attached to. My little girl has one very special teddy bear that she loves above all others (sometimes even more than me or my husband!) while my little boy can’t be without his fluffy dogs. I have to say though, Grannie Bear looks so cuddly and Sam definitely has a very cool gang (and Mickey Mouse jumper) x

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