Furry dilemma

So, we are debating about whether to get a cat.

We love cats. We both had cats as children and then together as adults. Since being together we’ve had three cats but it wasn’t entirely successful. Our first two, who were simply scrummy got run over. We do actually live in quite a quiet neighbourhood that is full of cats, but I guess our two were just unlucky.

Then we had a little ginger terror who we really did adore but she was a bit of a nightmare.

The ginger terror

We got her as a teeny kitten from a cats rescue shelter and we just thought she was full of beans but she gradually started to show her full character. She could be really clingy to us and want to be wherever we were to then in an instant turn and fly across the room at you and go for whichever limb or bit of skin was most vulnerable. I’ve seen grown men quake when she entered the room. To try to sort this out we got a cat behaviourist in to assess her, we read up on loads of cat behaviour stuff but nothing made any difference. She’d cuddle up to you all soft and sweet and then boom she’s got you!

And then I fell pregnant. We started to get really worried about how we’d manage her behaviour with a baby. We spoke to people, we got advice and in the end we had to give her up for adoption. We cried our hearts out that day we had to hand her over because we did love her and really wanted it to work. She was a beautiful girl.

So do you think that perhaps we are fated? We just have bad luck together as cat owners?

But I do love cats. The boys we had together first were so lovely, so friendly and gentle. They’d be great with Sam. The husband is super keen, but despite it being my initial idea, I keep weighing up the pros and cons:

What if they are hunters like we’ve had before. Could I handle them bringing in wildlife when I’ve got Sam downstairs? No, I don’t think I could now. But we could get a slightly older cat that is use to being a house cat.

But then we’ll have to have a litter tray. Yes, but we would always keep it clean and Samuel isn’t mobile so wouldn’t be crawling into it.

What if we suddenly have to go into hospital, what happens to the poor cat? Auntie C and her daughter are just two doors up and would be happy to help.

What if the cat sits on Sam? Sam is never left alone for very long, especially when he is in his nest downstairs so unlikely to be too much of a problem.

Although it was me that initially mentioned the idea of getting a cat (although I’ve always known that husband would jump at the chance), I do seem to be dithering over whether to go for it. Am I just making a big deal out of what should be quite straight forward? I think just after our bad luck if we do go for it, I want to make sure we make the right decision.

So it’s over to you cat lovers out there. Tell me all the good points of having a cat. Please. And help us to end our (or my) furry dilemma.

4 thoughts on “Furry dilemma

  1. Yes! Get one. Get a rescued Tomcat. Males are so more affectionate. Dont be afraid to get an older cat, and if you get a rescue one you csn get a better idea of temprement.
    We have two, a 5 yr old female, got her at 8weeks. And a2yr old rescued tom. the soppiest cat ever!
    We were worried how theyd react when Bubs arrived but theyre fine with him. Theyre just annoyed they can sleep on his things and play with his toys! x

  2. Ok. I had a cat called Molly. She was given to me from a friend. She was nuts. You could be stroking her for hours then all of a sudden she would go nuts and bite you. When I split with my ex, I took her with me (she didn’t like him) but about 3 days after I moved she escaped and I never found her.

    I got together with Steve, we got Smudge a little black and white cat. I lived with my sister and friend. They had two other cats from the litter. When Steve and I moved into our own place, we ended up taking two so we had Smudge and Lily. They were with us for 6 years, during that time I lost 3 babies. On my fourth pregnancy (E) I started to get paranoid that I’d lose her because of cat poo giving me Toxoplasmosis. So Smudge and Lily went to live with my in laws. By the time E was born and we were settled, the cats were settled too – in their new home. During the time when they were here, I had a row with my neighbour over cat crap in his garden so I was on edge every time they went out. So we made the difficult decision to leave them with the in laws.

    Why am I telling you all of this? So you know our past with cats hasn’t been plain sailing either.

    Anyway. 6 months after I had H we decided to get another cat. I miss having a pet. Some company & cuddles when Steve is away and the kids are asleep. E takes care of her, H loves to look at her and tries to catch her! She is so calming with her lovely soft fur, her beautiful eyes and her lovely purrs. I’m sure Samuel will love having someone new to cuddle.

    We got Miss Tibbs from the local Cat Protection place. We picked her cos she’s gorgeous but also because she is an indoor cat (no presents from hunting and no arguments with the neighbour). She has no interest in going out, she loves being snuggled in the warm with us. As I type she is curled up next to me purring away. I love her.

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