Dear Reader

I’ve only been blogging since October and still feel very new to this. But I do love it. Blogging seems to have become my therapy, my way of expressing how I feel about my new world with Samuel.

It has been really lovely to read so many kind comments (mainly telling me just how cute and gorgeous my boy is) as I didn’t really think many people would read my witterings. It means a lot to think that people are actually taking the time and effort to read what I write and to then leave a comment.

I must admit that I do look at the stats every day, I suppose it is still a novelty but it’s also so nice to see that people are actually reading the blog, even if they don’t leave a comment. I’m also interested to see which posts get the most comment (you might be surprised to learn that Samuel’s Gang scored highly).

But actually it was @NotSoSlummy who perfectly summed up how I feel about my blog:

As for my blog, I get comments, not a lot and that’s ok by me. However, if someone reads something that I wrote and thought ‘I’m glad I’m not the only one feeling like that’ or ‘I like that’ and it made a difference, that would mean more to me than any comment.

(Just) Above Average Mum’s blog

Thank you.


5 thoughts on “Dear Reader

  1. I always read. Don’t always comment cos I’m on my phone and I have fat fingers so it takes me ages. The furry dilemma post took ages!! Lol. I love to read about Sam, he is gorgeous. I also love your outlook on you life with him. You are an inspiration xxx

  2. I absolutely love your blog and I love Samuel ❤ I think your posts are genuine, heartfelt and funny. I love reading about yours and Sam's adventures and your your family 🙂 x

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