What’s on your mp3?

(Just) Above Average Mum also known as @NotSoSlummy has only gone and tagged me in the meme that is going around and of which I’ve been avoiding. Why? Because, well you’ll see. I’ve shuffled so here goes (cringe):

Candi Staton – Young Hearts Run Free

Roger Sanchez – Another Chance

Morcheba – The Sea

Air – You Make it Easy

INXS – Suicide Blonde

Out of interest I carried on and had a look at what the next five songs were (interestingly none of the more recent songs I’ve added):

  • Madonna – La Isla Bonita
  • Stereophonics – Dakota
  • Florence and The Machine – Drumming
  • Carly Simon – We Have No Secrets
  • AHA – The Sun Always Shines on TV

It seems to be tradition to tag some other lovelies, so it’s over to:






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