Team Sam (#teamsam)

While we were in NICU I began to realise that we would have a lot of new people in our lives as time went on. And we definitely do. Team Sam seems to be rapidly growing.

But I don’t mean our close friends or family who have been fantastic. The grandparents, my sister, our dear friends Auntie C and Auntie T (Sam’s Godmothers), the other NICU mums who I’ve grown very close to, my former workmate K who is very dear to me, they are all great.

I also have great support from my online friends such as: @pressuresupport, @kjo6, @MyLittleHam, @Limmster, @mrsaimeehorton, @rachellwilliams, @innocentcharmer, @racheljeffares, @hayley_pelham16, @motherventing, @jordanfleet, @katekit01, @MrsCMonkey, @vickytervit, @h0pefulmummy, @jowonderwoman to name just a few.

But I’m talking about Team Sam: The Professionals.

Those who have been involved along the way since Samuel arrived include:

  • NICU nurses and doctors
  • Speech & Language Therapist (don’t be confused, she covers things like swallow etc)
  • Dietician
  • Community Nurses (we don’t see them that often though now)
  • Health Visitor (She occasionally pops over for a chat and a cuddle with Sam)
  • Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapist
  • Neurologist
  • Paeditirician
  • Genetics doctor
  • Child Development doctor
  • Surgeon (who preformed Sam’s gastrostomy operation and reviews testes situation)
  • Audiologist (for Sam’s hearing)
  • Play Development Worker from Portage (Early Years service)
  • Carers and nurses at Julia’s House
  • Play Maker from Julia’s House
  • Consultant in ophthalmology (for Sam’s eyesight)

To some people this may seem a very long list, to others a drop in the ocean, but they are all part of our team. Although they may occasionally frustrate me, they are all in Samuel’s corner, working so very hard for him.

Oh and I must not forget the big man, the guy in the sky, who, if he is around as I hope, he’s here on Sam’s team with the rest of us.

Thank you to everyone on Team Sam. I think all of us together makes one formidable team!

Team Sam! #teamsam

8 thoughts on “Team Sam (#teamsam)

  1. Well, I for one am very humbled to be included in such an important list. I defer to all the medical professionals who do an infinitely more important job than I do! As for support, any time, sweetcheeks, online, or whatever. *mwah*

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  3. i feel honoured, too to have been mentioned. i am grateful for the LAB showcase already – it’s put me in touch with some remarkably strong women who, as we get to know each other, i hope to call my friends.

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