If you meet Samuel

If you were to meet Samuel, I’d ask just a few things of you.

Whether he is sleeping, awake, or even on his food pump, come over to him and hold his hand. Samuel is good at holding hands. Stroke his hands and look at his beautiful little fingers.

Look into his big beautiful blue eyes and if he’s having a snooze, look at his beautiful long dark eyelashes.

Stroke his hair and feel how soft it is and see what a lovely blonde colour it is.

Talk to him. Tell him about yourself. He may not obviously react to you, but I’m sure he would know you were there. Chat to him.

If you can, give him a cuddle. Scoop him up and bring him into you. Listen to him purr as he leans into you. Feel the warmth of his cuddly little body.

If he has a seizure while he is in your arms, just pull him in closer to you. Let him feel safe and loved. The is the best of all his medicines.

If you get to have a Samuel cuddle, you’ll quickly understand how powerful his cuddles truly are and I promise you, he will touch your heart.

But please don’t look at him with sadness. He is so very loved and I believe in his own way he is a very content and happy little fellow.


22 thoughts on “If you meet Samuel

  1. *sob*
    What a lovely post Zoe!
    I think you were writing about Hugh (except his hair is dark). I sometimes think how lucky he is not to realise,like Sam. He is happy and content and that’s all that matters. I love all your photos of Sam. he does this lovely stretchy yawn thing like Hugh. And the cuddles … oh I could cuddle him all day. I think I get just as much from it as he does – if not more. He is so soft and squidgy and they have such a calming effect on you. I’d like to try some Sam cuddles too if that’s OK. We can meet and swap cuddles and the boys can compare eyelashes and soft hair.

    • Thanks Em. It might sound funny but I do take great pleasure in watching people meet Samuel, their reactions as they look at how gorgeous he is and when they notice his eyes and eyelashes. It makes me smile when people tell me how good he is to cuddle, how theraputic his cuddles are. I really enjoying sharing the Samuel Love! x

  2. This is a beautiful post to read.

    A friend of mine has a son, I don’t know what his condition is, but really, having read your last couple of articles, you could be talking about him. He’s now 20 years old and has brought his parents much joy.

  3. oh, zoe, that’s beautiful!
    you want us to see the joy that he brings and i would love to give him a cuddle too! i would also love to see the joy he brings you, to see the expression of love on your face. but i don’t need to experience it in reality because your writing echoes your feelings and tells me so much about samuel xxx

    • Thanks, that’s very kiind of you to say. I love telling people about Samuel and if they can’t meet him I want to tell them all about him so they can understand just how wonderful he is. Thanks for reading. x

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