A fantastic blog post by Eric from Pressure Support, which I could have written and wish I had!

Pressure Support

Occasionally I’ll read a tweet or overhear a “typical” parent discussing a legitimate and “normal” worry or complaint. ( I hate both terms typical and normal since we’re all just parents and what in any of our lives is actually “normal” or “typical” but you catch my meaning more efficiently by using them so that’s what I’ll go with here) A worry or complaint that Karin and I have never had to worry about with Liam. It always gets me thinking of all the bright sides, all the silver linings in the clouds of special needs parenting.

At first I thought about how we never have to wait when we end up in the E.R. (it’s amazing how bringing in a kid hooked up to a ventilator can bump you to the front of the line) or the fact that the pulmonologist, neurologist, and pediatrician will write us a script…

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