Cherish it

You know that moment in the morning when you are bleary eyed and the children run into the bedroom and clamber up onto the bed and squeeze in between you, taking up what seems like double their size on the bed.

You know when your child gets all upset and jealous when you are cuddling another child.

You know when you are trying to decide when is best to start weaning and the best way to do it.

You know when your child starts getting mobile and you have to start baby-proofing your house.

You know when you are at the stage to start potty-training.

You know when your child is difficult at bedtime because they want another story, to watch cartoons or just to stay up with Mummy and Daddy.

You know when you come in the room and your child looks at you and stretches up their arms for you to pick up and cuddle.

You know that sound of when your child giggles.

You  know when your child has a favourite toy that has to go with them everywhere.

You know when your baby first says ‘Mummy’ and ‘Daddy’.

Cherish it. Cherish all of it.



3 thoughts on “Cherish it

    • I just think more people just take a moment every day and think how lucky they are, how lucky their children are that they can do these things. Not feel guilty about it, I don’t mean that, just appreciate and cherish those milestones. x

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