Admin duties

Since we came home from NICU last January (2011), I have had to become quite a pro at form filling, admin & managing the diary. I’ve never worked as a Personal Assistant before, but certainly think along with my mummy and caring duties I’m proving to be one fine PA to the boy.

One of the forms people will always tell you is a demon to fill out is the paperwork for Disability Living Allowance. It’s not actually that bad and the amazing Cerebra have produced an absolutely fantastic guide to help. The guide takes you through each stage of applying for DLA, starting from whether you should apply at all, through the claim pack box-by-box, with lots of useful hints and tips on preparing for a medical visit, obtaining supporting evidence, keeping a DLA diary and much more.

You can request a printed copy of the DLA guide by calling 0800 328 1159 or emailing or you can download and print it yourself.

Personally I would recommend that when you complete the DLA form for the first time you make a photocopy. I know doing so will be very time-consuming but when you come to renew, it will make your life much easier!

Do have a look at Cerebra’s website for other useful financial information.

Anyway, it’s renewal time for us so..

It's DLA time again

4 thoughts on “Admin duties

  1. Completely agree cerebral guide a life saver. Good luck with form, filing it in always depresses me. We spend so much time focusing on the positives and to fill in the form correctly you have to say it as it is, no holes bared! I usually do a few pages and then give myself a little reward:) xx

  2. Snap! Our time too… my pile is not quite so organised yet, will have to wait til girls are in bed for peace (hubby is out tonight!). Off to have the cup of tea in advance now though 😉

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