Bath time

The green face cloth is in place to protect Samuel's modesty!

I was asked recently how we bath Samuel, as he’s getting quite big now but cannot sit up or support his neck and head. Via our marvellous occupational therapist from the hospital, last year we were given a special bath chair. The bath chair has soft velcro straps to keep Samuel safely strapped in (straps go around his waist and legs) and means that we can be ‘hands-free’ to wash and play with him.

We have to have the bath quite deep to cover him (we’d just finished bath time in this photo and are running the water out) and we can’t fit very many toys in the bath with him, but it has meant that we no longer have to hunch over the bath supporting Samuel while someone washes him. Now, bath time is much kinder to the back and can be a one-parent task.

We can adjust the bath seat as Samuel gets bigger and change the angle so he can be sitting up more or lay back. Samuel seems to like bath time, so much so, he often sleeps through!

Before we got bath seat.

3 thoughts on “Bath time

  1. What an ingenious contraption. He looks far more comfortable than before had it. Hope he has plenty of rubber ducks and boats in the bath.

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