The Gene Team

Some people say that super heroes aren’t real, but do you really think that is true? Because I know for certain in hospices and consulting rooms, super heroes are waiting for you. Underneath their wheels, tubes and signing hands, are powers as yet unseen. You can spend hours  studying their hospital notes – but you’ll never discover the ‘Gene Team’. They are children who are undiagnosed or their syndromes rare, holding unique and special DNA. But if you’re in trouble, they are there on the double, letting their super powers lead the way.

First of all there’s Super F, with his walker shiny and green, it can teleport and make you invisible – the best mobility aid you have ever seen. And if par chance you need his help, he will run and fall to the ground. And the world around him then shakes and groans, the villains are buried without a sound!

Then there is silent Super N, with his special fuelled wheel chair.
The ‘nitrogen’ canister secretly disguised, as tanks of his oxygen enriched air. Of course without question he can fly, in his supportive Lycra suit.  And if ever stuck in out in space, he has special weighted Piedro gravity boots!

Super H is hero 3…His powers are second to none. He can help people under water in caves or holes, but he really scares his mum!
See he can hold his breath for minutes on end, rescuing people from the depths of the sea bed. And through his cheeky laugh and smile, he sends telepathic thoughts without a word being said.

Then there is the ninja – Hero C, and when there is music in the room, he squeals with joy as the music plays, letting out a sonic boom!

Super S is the youngest hero of the group, his superpower protects them all. With just one hug he can summon a force field of love, that stands unbreakable – strong and tall. And with a blink of his long black lashes, you can see the trees suddenly bend and sway, as he summons the wind to help his friends and blow the villains away.

Of course they have a hideout, where Thea and Cheeky spent their time. These siblings work hard to help these heroes, to ensure their equipment is fine. Thea is the hide out boss (naturally), and the inventor Cheeky aspires to be. But sometimes he can make mistakes, after all he is only 3. Their roles are truly important, They are the masterminds who put the plans in place. Though their hardest most difficult job of all, is the keep the heroes identities safe.

Heading this master operation, is Super F’s best friend – his Ginger Cat. Hearing calls for help and tracking the heroes, Ginger deals with that. He can shape shift and move through time, he is silent, quick and sly, setting off the heroes ‘help’ alarms, teleporting them or tracking them fly.

They may all have different powers and strengths, but the villain they all fear, is the very same Dr Helix…They can tell when he comes near. He can be found in research labs, trying to amend their DNA. See he believes all genes should be perfect, though these super heroes don’t feel the same way. They believe that the world needs different, and it’s their differences that keep the world safe. As they battle with Dr Helix, as he tries to create his perfect human race.

So now Ginger sits quietly, awaiting a call…
I wonder what adventure lies in store. For these most unsuspecting Hero’s, The Gene Team’s Super 4!

This was beautifully written by Katie from The Life and Times of Team Kitchen. It was written in conjunction with superhero week raising awareness of hospices throughout the UK… you can use this app to find out which super hero you are!

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