I wonder

I wonder what Samuel sees as he looks around. Can he actually see light and dark? Make out colours? See shapes? See people? See me?

I wonder how his brain computes the sounds he hears. What does he actually hear when we chat to him? When we tell him how much we love him, does he hear the words we say?

I wonder what it feels like for him when he has a seizure. Does he feel in pain? Is he so use to it that it is just something his brain and body accepts? When he cries during and afterwards is that because he is in distress or just his body reacting to what has happened? Does he feel comforted when we hold him through a seizure?

I wonder if he does try to communicate with us. When he makes cute chatty noises, is he trying to tell us something?

I wonder what he thinks about when it’s bath time. Does he like the warm water around him? Does he like the sensation of having his hair washed and when we pour water over him?

I wonder what it feels like for him when I cover his little face in kisses.  Does it irrate him? Does he like it?

I wonder what he thinks about when we have play time with him? Does it really help him? Is he actually looking at things when I think he is? Does his brain really acknowledge what we are doing?

I wonder whether he acknowledges to himself when it is feed time and likes the feeling of the food coming into his tummy. Does he feel satisfied at the end of a feed?

I wonder if he really knows that we are his Mum and Dad? Does he recognise our faces, our touch and our voices? Does he prefer to be cuddled by us?

I wonder what he thinks about when we cuddle him? Does he feel comforted and satisfied.

Is he content and happy in his little world? I very much hope so.


2 thoughts on “I wonder

  1. How could he not be happy with you as his mammy, I strongly believe he knows your his mammy and daddy, I can feel how you live just by reading this post.

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