SANDS Awareness Month

As June is SANDS (stillbirth and neonatal death) awareness month, please remember the babies born sleeping, or whom were carried but never met, those who we’ve held but couldn’t take home, and those who came home but didn’t stay. Remember those precious babies like Charlie Ethan Simpson.

I know we are continously being asked to donate to charity or to sponsor someone, but I’d really appreciate it if you could just take a few minutes and read this page.

My school friend Katie lost her beautiful baby boy Charlie Ethan, who despite almost being full term, was sadly born asleep on 29 June 2011.

This was obviously an incredibly difficult time for Katie and her husband Graham but one that was made more bearable by the doctors and midwives at the hospital.

The hospital are trying to raise funds to introduce a Baby Bereavement Suite at the hospital which will be used by families such as Charlie’s. This will mean that families in the same situation will be cared for in a private, quiet room giving parents space and privacy.

Such events are very personal and private times and this facility would help families like Charlie’s to continue to be cared for in privacy.

This is an amazing cause and one that is obviously very close to many peoples hearts. Please dig deep and give what you can (if you cannot donate now please click on the “remind me to donate later” button).

If you are able to donate or would like more information, please visit:

A gift to help others in Charlie’s memory.

Thank you. x


2 thoughts on “SANDS Awareness Month

  1. two of my friends have had baby’s angels it’s so sad, it’s lovely that your helping out your friend

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