Our nest

I love our home. We’ve lived here for five years now and after a dodgy couple of years of living next door to the neighbours from hell (which saw us having to appear in Magistrate Court to act as witness for their landlord who was desperately trying to evict them), we’ve really fallen in love with our little nest.

We also live two doors down from our Guardian Angel Auntie C.

Our house is a small three-bedroom end of terrace. We have a sweet little garden that we are desperately trying to make into something that we can really enjoy and take Samuel out into for picnics, swishing about in the paddling pool, cuddles and sensory play. I also need to figure out how we can squeeze in one of those fabulous basket nest swings.

Although it has been a lovely home I’ve started to think about the future. For a long time I’ve avoided thinking of the future – there was a time that we didn’t think we’d get Sam home from NICU. What about his first birthday? Second Christmas? But he made it. So I’m starting to allow myself to think that maybe we will be blessed for quite a while, despite his prognosis.

Samuel is getting a big boy now. A big and long boy. I can still carry him up and down the stairs but I must admit it’s a relief when I put him down – I’m not the strongest chick on the block and it is quite awkward as he cannot support his head or neck and when you carry him, he doesn’t cooperate or hold on. Our staircase is quite narrow and it’s tricky when he has a seizure while we are going up or down the stairs.

He is only 19 months (yes world, my boy has reached 19 months!) but I’ve started to think about whether we need to make some changes to the house to make everything easier and safer for us all, but especially Samuel. Being an end of terrace, I’ve been wondering about whether we can extend out the side. My dream would be to have a double-decker extension but have a feeling that may be hugely out of our budget! But I would love to make his room into an amazing sensory room.

I want to make our house beautiful. I want it to feel like a perfect family home for all of us. We have started to talk more about extending our family and are seriously looking at the possibility at our options for having more. So it would be amazing for us to make our home into something amazing for other children who join our family.

We’ll get there. Somehow. But for all the space or beautiful design this house may lack, it’s full to the brim of love.

(If there are any genies reading this and in the mood to grant some wishes, we could really do with a new kitchen too! x)

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