Rollercoaster Ride

Samuel spent eight weeks in NICU. Eight long weeks. I can’t begin to tell you of the different emotions we felt during that time. Excitement, joy and love and pride at being parents to this beautiful little boy. Fear, pure and utter fear that we may never take him home. We may lose him. Despair. But also we found huge comfort in NICU and the support we received.

It is so difficult to put into words how wonderful the doctors and nurses were. We learned so much from the nurses, we even learned about survival. But all those nurses and doctors were just spectacular. The nurses would regularly pick us up off the floor, dust us down and gave us so much support and comfort we could carry on to see another day.

Our wonderful relationship with Auntie C blossomed while we were there which is something we will always treasure.

We also formed some great friendships with other parents and one particular family has a very special place in our hearts. Leela and Anthony are parents to twins Willow and Stanley who were born 14 weeks early. I’m proud to tell you that Leela and Stanley are raising money for NICU along with the family of Oliver who is also a graduate of NICU. Willow and Stanley and their friend, Oliver, spent a combined 385 days fighting for their little lives in NICU at Poole Hospital. Their journeys were full of ups and downs and quite a rollercoaster ride. For more of an insight into what these babies went through, check out The Early Adventures of Willow and Stanley.

In the summer of 2012, a group of close family and friends will be cycling one mile for each day these three babies endured in hospital. They will start at Windermere in the Lake District on 1 August, finishing (hopefully) 4 days and 385 miles later at Poole Hospital. If you were able to give just a few pounds, your money would go towards buying much-needed equipment to help babies like Samuel, Oliver, Willow and Stanley. You can find out more about their cycle ride and sponsoring them at

Even if you don’t want to sponsor the team at the moment, please please watch this beautiful video about Samuel’s very special friends Willow and Stanley. Thank you. x

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