Next to me

I apologise in advance. This will be a soppy post, but a soppy post not about Samuel this time, but his Dad. My friends on twitter and you dear readers, are always very kind and flattering and say what a wonderful job I do with Samuel, I’m an inspiration etc (which I’m always confused about because I just see myself as a good Mum), but if I’m anything, I’m that person because of him. Because of Samuel’s Dad.

We are his world. We are everything to him. I’m so proud of how he balances all the things he does at home, and he does so much for both Samuel and I, but then he goes to work and teaches 30 little people every day. I love how he is so passionate about his job. The feedback he gets from the children and how proud he is when a child has improved or done well.

But most of all, I feel so lucky that he’s ours. He can be frustrating sometimes (men eh?!) and I really need to teach him how to fold towels, but we rarely argue, we might squabble a bit, but we are always so together and so strong as a family.

I love watching him with Samuel. It melts my heart. He is truly weak for his boy. He doesn’t see disabilities, special needs, epilepsy, he sees his beautiful boy. Samuel makes him glow in a way that I’ve never seen before. He is so proud of his son. He is so proud to be a Dad. (See Dear Daddy, Samuel’s letter to his Dad)

When I found out I was a carrier of the genetic condition that affected Samuel, I gave him ARX, his Dad wouldn’t hear anything about it. When I apologised to him, when I apologised to Samuel for passing this on, Samuel’s Dad told me that I had nothing to apologise for. I’d given Samuel life. I’d given him the most amazing boy. He helped me deal with my enormous guilt that was eating away at me.

He does everything for his son. He might not be able to come to every appointment because of work, but we always go through things before the appointment, he helps me find the right words to explain things and then we have a debrief afterwards. He is involved with everything to do with Samuel and doesn’t shy away from anything, not even the most challenging of nappies! (See also United front)

He was there for Samuel when he was in NICU for the whole eight weeks. He got himself signed off work without a thought and came in with me every single day. He fought for his boy. He questioned the doctors all the time and I believe he was a huge part in getting our boy home.

I feel like the luckiest person alive to have these two amazing boys in my life. Samuel’s Dad is called Chris and he is the most beautiful man in the world.


5 thoughts on “Next to me

  1. This is a lovely post and I am so pleased you have each other. xx

    I have stolen this from a post on Facebook…….”The couples that are meant to be, are ones who go through everything that is meant to tear them apart, and come out even stronger!”

  2. What a lovely post. Sam is a very lucky boy to have two such loving parents, both to him and each other. It sounds like a wonderful home for Sam and any future children to be raised in. Whenever or however that may be.

  3. Awww. Beautiful post and you two really are an inspiring couple. I suppose you don’t know how strong you are, until life puts you to the test. You should both be proud to discover you are a great time, and great parents for Sam. Sending hugs x

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