Creatures great and small

20120730-132647.jpgIf you have read about Auntie C you will know that along with being a neonatal nurse, helping us with looking after Samuel (and she has recently started helping a family with a child with Cerebral Palsy), she also takes in and rehabilitates little creatures. Wild rabbits, birds, squirrels and (what I think are her favourite) hedgehogs are brought to Auntie C when they have been found abandoned, injured or brought in by a cat or dog.

Recently, Auntie C took in two tiny baby hedgehogs that had been found at a local army camp. The guy who found them unfortunately scared off their Mum and the babies are too little to fend for themselves.

As Auntie C had a busy week at work, we offered to help out with feeds. I will admit, I’ve got attached to them and named them Bert and Ernie (Bert is the bigger one). I shouldn’t get attached as things aren’t looking good for these two. Bert doesn’t seem to want to feed very much now and they really need to fatten up! But if anyone can help them, Auntie C can.

Here is a little video of one of the hedgehogs having a snack.

By the way, to give you an idea of Auntie C’s dedication to helping little creatures, she is currently looking after 17 hedgehogs and one little bird!

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