One day

Yesterday the three of us, me, Samuel and his Dad got on a plane and flew to America. Our destination was Rhode Island.

Once we’d arrived, we made our way to see the Olson family – Eric, Karin and Liam. I can even picture it now, I was sitting there cuddled up to Liam, holding his hand while reading him a story. His hands were soft and squidgy like Samuel’s and he was a very good hand-holder.

Nearby on a sofa was Karin cuddling Samuel. He had nuzzled into her and would occasionally let out a contended sigh.

Over by the table was Eric and Samuel’s Dad and on his lap was one of Liam’s cats curled up purring. The Dads were watching us while drinking some of Eric’s home-brew and chatting. Then it was lunch time and Eric came over to Karin and picked up Samuel and moved him near his buddy Liam and put them both on a pump feed.

We sat at the table having our lunch, all smiling at the boys relaxing together without a care in the world.

But that was all a dream though. But one day. When we have enough spare money and are feeling bold and brave we must take that trip. Even if it is only once. One day Samuel will meet his best buddy. One day.


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