Happy Birthday trickycustomer.com

Yes, this blog has just turned 1! I am still so pleased I started it a year ago and I have Eric at pressuresupport.com to thank for giving me a big nudge to get started!

It’s been my diary, my therapy. It’s been a way to share the wonderfulness of my beautiful special boy.

Through blogging I’ve ‘met’ so many wonderful people. I’ve been brought to tears by the wonderful comments people have left on posts and the stories they have shared.

I’ve hopefully been able to get a few more people to understand about ARX. Perhaps even helped people to understand disabilities and special needs a bit more. To not be frightened of it. If, from following our story and getting to know Samuel and I, just one person feels that they aren’t frightened of disabilities or special needs anymore, that they can see the beautiful person behind the limitations, then, well I can’t express how that would make me feel.

To my loyal readers, Team Sam members and Samuel fans, thank you so much for reading. Thank you for your kindness and for caring about us. I can be a bit lazy at replying to comments, but I do read them all (often more than once!).

If you are a new reader then welcome. It can be a rocky, uncertain road at times, but I hope you see it’s full of love and joy and will join us on our journey.

Thank you. xxxx


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