Trolley Buddy

Thanks to the very kind people at Cerebra, for the first time Samuel has been able to sit in a trolley while we visit the supermarket. The Cerebra Trolley Buddy has a harness and strap that keeps Samuel very secure and snug in the seat. We were worried that because of his poor head and neck control he would just flop out, but because he’s so snug in there it kept him quite central. The real test was when he had a seizure and although he did lean out, he didn’t flop out as we feared he would. Up until now we’ve never been able to put Samuel in a trolley as there simply isn’t enough or indeed any support. So far we think that the Trolley Buddy has been a success and we are absolutely delighted. 20121101-171015.jpg


4 thoughts on “Trolley Buddy

  1. Hi there, I am so pleased for you, well done finding this. This looks absolutely fantastic. I have been online and emailed cerebra about one for my daughter. I have not heard of them before. Would I be able to purchase one? We have tried everything, towls, cushions, jackets etc but nothing works and I would love to take her shopping! Your a true yummy mummy now you can whiz down those isles with Samuel……can’t wait to join you!! Have been meaning to write a post to you for ages but I’m terrible. I always read your blogs, your absolutely fantastic a true inspiration to me and my husband. If I’m correct Samuel will be turning two soon (my daughter was two last week)! I hope I’m not late to wish him a very happy birthday x

  2. My friends little boy has recently tried one of these out and she said it was great. I’ve just filled in a survey for cerebra, as they are in such high demand that they need to know if its worth marketing them and how much to charge. I will definitely be getting one.
    Sarah xx

  3. Cerebra sent me a wonderful email about this product. All the proto-types have gone 😦 but they are trying to sell them commercially in the new year. It may be through a company called leckey who provide some wonderful equipment. Cerebra advised me to check out their website early next year as hopefully they’ll be working together. Thanks so much for letting us know about this.

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