Chez Samuel

The occupational therapist from the council came to our home today (same lady who sorted Samuel out with his new highchair) to talk about our options for making changes to our house to make it easier to move Samuel about as he gets bigger.

Although Samuel is only two years old, he is getting noticeably heavier to move around the house. He doesn’t hold on or help, so you have to provide all the support when he’s being carried. Imagine carrying a 6-week-old baby the size of a two year-old.

We discussed the following options:

  1. Stair lift – it’s a conventional stair lift with something to go in it to hold in people of Samuel’s size. I don’t like this option as our stairs and landing are very narrow  and once it gets to the top I’ll have to take Samuel out right at the top of the stairs. Keeping in mind how much support he needs, plus his seizures, I don’t think this is a safe option, to which the occupational therapist agreed.
  2. Lift – our spare bedroom (slightly bigger than Samuel’s current bedroom) is above the garage. The lift would be positioned in the garage and go up into the bedroom. Although our garage is integral, there is no access to it from inside the house, so a doorway would have to be created so we can access the garage and lift from inside the house. In the bedroom the lift would take up a fair amount of space and of course we would have to make sure that there is adequate space around it to take Samuel in and out of the lift. As the bedroom is already rather small, it would hardly leave any space – we were struggling to work out how we’d fit in his chest of drawers! Because of the amount of space it would take up (plus I’m not sure I like the idea of sending Samuel up in a lift on his own), I’m not entirely fond of this idea.
  3. Garage conversion – our garage is integral, so we could convert it into a downstairs bedroom for Samuel. To do so we would have to create a door from inside of the house into the garage/new bedroom, but we’d hope that wouldn’t be a problem. Apparently the council would rather not create a bedroom off the kitchen (which Sam’s would be if we did this), but they still do it when necessary.
  4. Extension – we have an end-of-terrace house with quite a good-sized front and side garden so there should be space to build a bedroom for Samuel on the side of our house.

Once the council decides which are the best options for us and our home, they will then choose the cheapest option to fund. If, for example, we were very keen to do the side extension but it didn’t come out as the cheapest option, we could take the money they are prepared to give us and add to it from our pockets to create the extension.

The other issue we looked at was access to the house. We have a very steep drive and a small entrance way, so it has been suggested that we could look at using the garden entrance/exit for Samuel. If we did do this then I would ask the council if it would be possible that one of the spaces at the side of the house could be marked up to be used by Samuel, as we simply can’t park at the end of the street because someone has taken the space!

As the back doorway is very narrow and can’t be made bigger because of the kitchen units (but is currently the only access point other than the front door), it was suggested that perhaps we could look at changing the large window in the adjoining lounge/dinning room to french doors. I think this is a great idea, but only problem is we wont be able to use our already small dining area, as the dining table sits in front of where the doors would go! So, perhaps if we somehow come into some money we could look at building a conservatory on the side of the house to use as a dining room, if we haven’t already used the space for an extension.

This process is a long one, but we have at least got the ball rolling. We thought we should get things moving now, before Samuel gets too heavy to take up and down the stairs and we find ourselves in a pickle. We love our home and want to make sure that Samuel can continue to be at the heart of it and doesn’t miss out on anything. Oh and we don’t wreck our backs carrying him around!

So watch this space I guess! If we do financially contribute to the work then we will have to do some fundraising, so you will hear from us if we need your help…unless some building and decorating fairies happen to pop by!

4 thoughts on “Chez Samuel

  1. So pleased you have began discussions regards your house adaptions, although such hard discussions to have.. It’s great that you have the support from your OT. We have just had the council approve the funding for our house adaptions. We have also gone for the lift rather then the stair lift as I think this will be better too. Work at ours should start in April. I have actually been pleasantly surprised how smooth the process has been…….so far! Our OT has now left so we feel a little uneasy about gong ahead without her but the plans etc have been drawn up so should all be ok. All I say is remember its your house, you choose. As long as you can justify why it’s best for Samuel they should be guided by you. There were a few things the council said no to us about but I could understand their reasons (maybe I got carried away at times)!! But for the main they were really understanding and helpful. Good luck with it all. Sounds so similar to what were having done. We went to visit another local families home who were so kind to let us see their recently completed adaptions. It was so useful. Perhaps u could see if your OT knows of any similar
    local families? I struggled to picture it all when they were discussing it do seeing someone else house was really useful. First time I saw a ceiling track hoist in a home which was a big thing for me but I needed to do it and i feel more prepared now. If you want to discuss anything in more detail feel free to contact my email directly. We could share ideas if it helps. The biggest thing i look forward to is being able to take C’s special chair upstairs as now we have to put her in her old high chair which isn’t appropriate. Funny the things you end up looking forward to! Take care, hi to Samuel. X

  2. Sorry, I’m cracking up. I see you don’t like the idea of the lift. I understand that too. My good friend has got the council to agree to build an extension as neither a stair lift or lift was suitable for her daughter due to seizures. She had to put a good case together but they have agreed to it. X

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