Chez Samuel (update)

Quite recently I wrote a post about how I’ve been looking at our options for making changes to the house so it is easier to move Samuel around as he is getting bigger.

I had a visit today from a lady from the council who deals with grants for home improvements for people in our situation.

She had a look around and assessed the space and agreed (to my relief) that converting the garage would be the best option. Our garage isn’t huge, but would give Samuel enough space for a reasonable sized bedroom and shower, toilet and small sink (Samuel would only need the shower but the toilet and sink would be more for the benefit of his Dad and I and any carers looking after him).

They would need to put an internal door into the house from the garage/Samuel’s room and obviously convert it into a suitable living space but it does all sound very straightforward.

The grant they would provide should cover the necessary work needed (not anything cosmetic though of course).

The only negative about converting the garage is about losing the storage space (we don’t put the car in the garage), but we aren’t too worried about that as we are overdue a clear out and besides we can always put a secure shed at the side of the house for storage for garden tools etc.

What I also thought was very positive was they seemed to think that if all goes smoothly (and there are no obvious reasons why it wouldn’t), they could begin work next May, which is fantastic. I was concerned the wait would be much longer, so I’m really pleased.

I will try and keep you updated.

Please do let me know if you’ve had similar work done to your house to make it easier for your disabled child, I would be really interested to hear of other examples.


8 thoughts on “Chez Samuel (update)

  1. We are loosing a load of storage space because of having the loft insulated. I can recommend having a massive clear out. It was so cathartic. So don’t mourn the loss of storage space – it just means you don’t keep random bits of wood “just in case” and then never use them

    • Exactly! We have space for a shed at the side of the house for mower and tools. Think we might do a mammoth charity shop/freecycle/eBay session and just get rid of all the stuff/crap lurking in there. A new room for Sam is far more important!! x

  2. oh I second that, random bits of wood and bubble envelopes 🙂 anyhow really pleased to hear this news, that’s great for you and gives you a time you can look forward to. Happy Christmas! x

    • Thanks. It’s a huge relief as he is getting bigger and I’m quite puny so carrying him up and down the stairs will only get even harder. Looking forward to the clear out actually! We will be ruthless!! xxx

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