This week I had a wobble. It was very brief and I got over it very quickly but it was still a bit of a wobble. It was about Samuel and how limited he is. There are times, not often, but times when I feel that he is the most limited child in the world. Even though some of his special friends are themselves very disabled, they always seem to be that bit more able. They seem to be able to do that little bit more. Whether it’s acknowledgement they give, they eat orally, hold their head up, reach out to things, smile, laugh…they all seem to be able to do something more than Samuel.

But then I look at him. I love every part of him. Even his naughty brain. I love every bone in his body. Every essence of his being. From the very top of his golden head to the tip of his little sausage toes. I know every part of him. When I hold him in my arms I study him. I know every corner of him.

He is the most amazing being. And I wouldn’t swap him for the world.


4 thoughts on “Wobble

  1. From your writing we can tell how much he has enriched your life, and I’m sure it’s the same for others round him. You love him to bits, that’s exactly what he needs from you. x

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