New cuddle-therapy service available

IMG_1444Are you feeling weighed down by the stresses and strains of modern-day life? Are things getting you down or you are feeling stressed?

Well Cuddles with Samuel is a new service available to help you through tough times. If you are feeling low, just a 30 minute cuddle with Samuel is 100% guaranteed to make you feel better.

All you need to do is hold him in your arms, lean back on the sofa and relax. Samuel will do the rest. You will very quickly feel all the tension leave your body and will feel very calm and soothed.

You can have a one-off cuddle, or come back for regular sessions, it is up to you.

To find out when Samuel is available for cuddles, please get in touch.

For those living outside the area, Cuddles with Samuel does provide a virtual cuddle service. Please get in touch to find out more.

Leela, one regular Cuddles with Samuel customer had this to say:

Samuel, you’re like the sunshine, a golden ray of light. A cuddle with you is surely the best delight.

Moving and miraculous we’d all agree, unconditional adoration from everyone you see.

Enveloping you with cuddles I feel the world just slip away. Lavishing you with love completely makes my day!

Please let us know below if you have any comments about this new service.


3 thoughts on “New cuddle-therapy service available

  1. Love this! I’d like to give Samuel a big virtual cuddle ((())) and yes i agree samuel’s give the most therapeutic cuddles ever. Karen (mum of my Samuel)

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