Super Sam

To help fundraise to buy Samuel some new equipment, I’ve asked people to donate a children’s story that we can compile into a little book and sell online and at fundraising events. Our friend Katie Kitchen used Samuel as her inspiration to write this poem for our little book and I thought it was so wonderful, I just had to share:

Super Sam

Sam is a superhero,

A caped crusader in his own right.

His powers mean that he captures your heart,

And forever holds it tight.

In fact from the minute you see him,

Before you even know his name,

Something inside you already knows,

Your life will never be the same.

Is it his lashes thick and long?

Or his gorgeous big blue eyes?

Is it his amazing snuggly cuddles,

Or his super squishy thighs?

Is it the way his story has helped,

Join friends from around the globe?

How does he weave his magic spell?

I  don’t think we will ever know.

But quietly he enchants us,

You cannot help but love this little man,

And once a  part  of  your heart belongs to him…

You’re  always a member of ‘Team Sam’.

by Katie Kitchen.


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