Big brother Sam

If you’ve not guessed from the title, we have some lovely news! In January next year, Samuel will become a big brother.

We have taken steps to ensure that ARX will not be passed on again, which is a huge relief and we are really excited to be welcoming another precious little person into our family. We feel like we will have so much to learn when Samuel’s little Buddy arrives as our parenting experience is quite different to the ‘norm’, but we have lots of wonderful friends around who will help and support us.

We know that when Samuel’s little Buddy is here, they will be very lucky to have such a cuddly big brother to snuggle up to!


16 thoughts on “Big brother Sam

  1. Yay! Congrats! Best thing I’ve heard today 🙂 hope you are taking care of yourself (or have someone to do that for you 🙂 ) x

  2. I am so thrilled for you – the best news ever! Congratulations! Hoping the remainder of the pregnancy is smooth and uneventful and looking forward to following your updates along the way.

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