Let’s talk vests

Recently I’ve noticed, while putting Samuel into his age 2-3 popper vests, that really he should be in age 3-4 vests as they are getting a bit snug. I mean afterall, he does turn 3 next month (I may be mentioning that quite a bit lately). They are getting more and more snug fitting, so I decided to look at getting him the next size up.

BUT, the problem is it is quite difficult to buy poppered vests on the high street for age 3-4. I suppose it’s because children of that age/size are expected to be entering into the fun world of potty/toilet training, so no longer want to have their vests poppered up. But the thing is Samuel will always be in nappies and I’m a great fan of these vests because they keep his tummy and sides warm (Samuel can be a very cool young man and I don’t mean in just a cool dude type way), plus when poppered up they protect his gastrostomy button.

I came across a couple of websites that stock vests in the size we want, but then I heard that it is possible to get vests that popper up in such a way that you can easily access the gastrostomy button without having to unpopper the vest at the bottom. Brilliant!

So I looked around and found these ‘Joey’ vests from Rackety’s. Now, they are expensive (which is why I’ve only bought a few to start with) image image– what you would pay for one vest is probably more than what you would pay for a pack of the ‘normal’ ones from the high street, but they are just what we need. It means that Samuel can wear a vest under a jumper or t-shirt and we can easily access his button without having to unbutton his trousers and unpopper and pull up his vest. But it also means that when it’s not in use, his button is protected. Which is handy for when he’s handed over to people for cuddles. I know I should have just bought some size 3-4 vests (which are still very expensive) and made the adjustments myself, but with everything going on at the moment, I just don’t have the time (or the attention span) to do it myself!

Unfortunately the website only had the short sleeved ‘Bruce Willis’ style vests (think Die Hard films – but I don’t think Bruce’s had poppers) in stock, but I will be on the look out for long sleeved ones when they are available. But at least we have these for now (plus they fit him!!). Oh and they are available in white and navy. Pop over to www.disabled-clothing.co.uk and take a look.

PS This blog post has not been sponsored or paid for. I just thought I would share my new found vest knowledge in case it is useful to someone.


2 thoughts on “Let’s talk vests

  1. I wish I was a good seamstress and could offer you some help with making some – but I’d just end up ruining them! Not one of my strong points, sorry. Anyhow glad you have managed to find something that suits, even if it is expensive – good that it’s in a lovely navy too! x

  2. Hi I to have had this problem and am so pleased I saw your blog as it has helped me to decide whether or not to buy them as they are expensive. I did try to adapt other vests but didn’t get very far. Thank you

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