Introducing Toby….

A very big belated Happy New Year to all readers and Sam fans. Sorry that this blog has been awol for some time, but we are hopefully back and can keep you updated to what’s been going on here.

Well 2014 couldn’t have started any better for us. Samuel became a big brother! His little brother Toby was born on 2 January.

TobyToby is a sweetie and we are really enjoying him (although exhausted!). Not sure whether Samuel is that impressed with having a squawking little thing in the house, but I think he’s enjoying his share of cuddles with all the visitors who’ve been popping by to see his little brother.

Toby is a very different baby to what Samuel was, as you might be able to imagine, so we are Sam and toby1learning A LOT! We’ve been very lucky though to have fantastically supportive people around who have just been wonderful (particularly Auntie C who continues to be amazing with her continued love, support and brilliant advice!) .

We are feeling so very blessed to have our wonderful little family.

From all of us at Team Sam headquarters, we wish you all a very happy and very healthy 2014. x


5 thoughts on “Introducing Toby….

  1. I’ve just discovered your blog through mumsnet and just had to tell you how beautiful Samuel is, though I’m sure you think that a hundred times a day.

    Congratulations on the birth of Toby too, what a beautiful addition to your family. I hope that you enjoy these first weeks together learning to be a family of four.

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