Looking for rainbows

I’ve been wanting to pick up the laptop and log on to the blog and write a post for ages. For such a long time.  But the longer I left it the harder it felt to get back into it. But I want to get back to the blog. I want to tell you about my boy Samuel and how he’s getting along. It suddenly dawned on me that you might forget about him if I don’t keep telling you about him and what a wonderful boy he is. I am so proud of him and I want to share that pride with you.

But these last six months have been tricky. Very tricky. They’ve been wonderful too as we now have our little Toby, our ray of Sam blogsunshine. But for Samuel they’ve been incredibly tricky. He’s had infection after infection and so far this year three hospital admissions. I know for a child like Samuel you might think that three isn’t very much, but for him it is (these three hospital admissions don’t include the numerous times this year that we’ve had to take him into the assessment ward to be checked out etc). For a long time we’ve got away with so much. Epilepsy aside, he was doing really well. His overall health was really good and we had no other concerns. Now we worry constantly about the next chest infection, we have to monitor his breathing more closely and he just feels even more vulnerable than he did before.

These last six months have been the worst six months of Samuel’s life. If it wasn’t for Toby we would already write off this year. But we can’t. We have so much to be thankful for. Toby has brought so much sunshine into our lives and he’s reminded us to look for rainbows after the rain. Plus Samuel still continues to be the most beautiful, wonderful boy who we adore with all our hearts. He brings so much pleasure to us and is worth all the worry and stress. He is our cuddly Bear. Our star.

There is so much I want to tell you and I will I promise.


4 thoughts on “Looking for rainbows

  1. Ah, nice to hear from you again but don’t add extra stress by trying to put it all down here! Hoping things improve again for the second half of the year x

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