Samuel’s Pad

bedroomIn January this year, work started on converting our garage into a new bedroom and wetroom for Samuel. As you can imagine, carrying Samuel up and down the stairs was becoming increasingly difficult and unsafe. He’s a big boy now, plus when he is very twitchy or having a seizure, the steep stairs is a dangerous place to be carrying him.

The timing of the start of the building work wasn’t ideal. I came home from hospital with the baby on the Saturday and work began on the following Monday. But it was well worth it! His new bedroom has been wonderful. We no longer have to try to carry him up and down the stairs, he has a wetroom (which has a shower area, sink and toilet) where we can shower him in his shower chair. Plus we have overnight care now and it’s been great for that too.

It’s made such a positive change to us all, we are still so delighted with it. It’s a very small bedroom of course but it has everything he needs.



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