New wheels

In December we took ownership of a new van. I say ‘we’, it’s actually Samuel’s van. As he’s such a big boy now and having to dismantle his chair to put in the boot, then take it out put together, then lift him out his car seat and strap him in his chair, was becoming increasingly difficult and awkward and with the prospect of Samuel having a new little brother on the horizon, we decided a wheelchair accessible vehicle was the answer.

So we now have a VW Caddy Maxi Life. And we love it. We wheel Samuel into the back in his (Stingray) chair and then hook his chair up and then when we are at our destination, we just pull down the ramp and unhook his chair and wheel him out. It is so much better! We can fit the frame for Toby’s pram alongside Samuel’s chair in the back and the boys’ bits and bobs.

I was really quite nervous about driving (and parking) it to start with, but I’m so use to it now I can’t imagine driving anything else.

The only problem we (or I) have is that it doesn’t have a name. ALL our cars have had names (my old car was called ‘Fiona’ and Sam’s Dad’s car is called ‘Gary’) but not sure yet what to call this, so far we just refer to it as ‘the van’. So suggestions welcomed!




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