The story of a very brave bear

This blog is the story of one boy. A cuddly bear called Samuel who might just be the bravest person I know.

I’m writing this while sitting here on a blue ‘comfy’ chair (this is as comfortable as you’ll get on the NHS) looking at Samuel lying on a hospital bed hooked up to a SATs monitor, oxygen going up his nose with a cannula in his arm and lots of pin pricks and marks scattered about his little body where he’s been prodded, poked and bled.

Samuel has a chest infection and a bacterial infection. But he’s on the mend, he’s responding really well to treatment and we should hopefully be home within the next couple of days.

Samuel has had an awful year. The first six months saw him have one infection after the other and numerous hospital visits and far too many admissions.

The summer saw him in and out of hospital with horrendous seizures, his epilepsy had got increasingly worse. On a ‘good’ day he was having a rescue medicine at least once a day. It was a clear sign that he his brain has deteriorated.

But through everything he just battles on and trusts that those around him, his Team Sam, will do everything for him and will help him get through.

This has been the hardest year of his life. But he’s a true little fighter.

My Samuel the Bear.


Update: Samuel came home after four days in hospital and is much better.  Thank you to those who sent lovely messages wishes him well. Zoe x

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