April 2012

Well we’ve put down new turf where we had removed part of the decking. We also tidied up the borders and gave everything a good tidy and a mow!

We cleared out the corner next to the house (where the composter lives) and put down some gravel and made some planters out of the frame of the decking we had removed. We also finally put up the cold frame we’ve had for a while.

There are still things we need to do (one important job on our to-do list is now is to put in a ramp from the decking), but at least the garden is finally taking shape.

At the start of April, expert Garden Designer Wendy from The Gardens Group, kindly spared her time for free to come over to meet us and Samuel and to have a look at our garden. Wendy will now put together a full garden design plan created with Sam’s needs in mind. We might not be able to afford to do everything that Wendy suggests but at least we have some professional advice to start with as we are only novice gardeners. But Steve at The Gardens Group has indicated that they may be able to help us out with some plants, so fingers crossed.


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