High chair

We are in the process of finding Samuel a high chair. unfortunately all the ones you can get on the high street offer him no support, so his occupational therapist referred him to be assessed for a special high chair that can meet his needs.

We’ve looked at three high chairs and all have wheels so Samuel can be easily moved from room to room and they are hydraulic, so we can move him up or down to different heights and sit him up forward or put him in a reclined position.

The chairs we’ve looked at are:


If we were to choose this chair, foot straps would be added and wedges to the tray to keep Samuel's arms in and to stop them from flopping down


If we were to choose this chair wedges would be added to the tray to keep Samuel's arms in and to stop them from flopping down


We haven’t made a decision yet as to which one we will go for, but it is likely to be between the Squiggle and the Bee. The deciding factor (apart from cost of course) will be what we decide would be more appropriate for his neck/head support.

Watch this space.

New set of wheels

We picked up Sam’s new buggy on Friday, a new ‘special’ buggy. The Occupational Therapist wasn’t happy with how unsuported he was in his old one – we use to have to put in rolled up towels to try and improve his positioning – and he was growing out of it fast.

I think husband and I both felt a bit hesistant at first about it, as yes it does look a bit ‘special needs’ but that lasted about 5 minutes once we saw him in it and how well supported he is.

We took the new buggy out at the weekend but did make the mistake of picking a day when the German market was in town and it was absolutely heaving with people. I did feel extra protective of him as he seems much more exposed in his new buggy and people seemed to be walking really close to us. But we then went for a picnic in the park and set up Sam’s gastrostomy pump and we all ate al fresco. People walked past us and I did notice them looking at Samuel, but they didn’t stare in that awful way, but instead titled their head to one side and smiled. That’s Samuel’s magic, he can touch anyone’s heart.