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3 thoughts on “START READING HERE

  1. Hi Zoe

    I have been thinking about you and Samuel alot recently.
    I am enjoying reading your blog and have subscribed.
    I have still got the badge with his beautiful face on. I keep it with all the time. I would never forget him anyway.

    Take care.

    Nadia x

  2. Hi my name is Thomas and My brother Joseph Brown has just passed away at the age of 18, his condition was also Arx Mutation and I am very interested in finding out more about his condition. He was unable to walk or talk and couldn’t eat solid foods or support his own head. He also suffered from epilepsy and Distonia but these were always controlled by medication. I am just leaving a message and hoping for some information about his condition, thank you.

    • Thanks for your message and sorry about the loss of your brother Joseph. There is a group on Facebook called ARX Families which you are welcome to search for and join. The only info I have about the condition is on the blog here. Take care. Zoe x

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